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New Roofs

There are many issues to consider before choosing the roof over your head. The following information is about the various types of roofing used worldwide.

Iron Roofs

Corrugated iron roofs also known as long-run metal roofs are commonly found throughout New Zealand, available in natural steel and many other colours. This pre coated steel roofing is rust resistant and should need little service in the first 15 years after installation.

Another type of metal roofing is Decromastic tiles, shaped like roofing tiles with an acrylic primer and chip coating. Economically either of these are sound choices.

Shingle Roofs

Timber or asphalt shingles are used to maintain the historical value of your home. Blending in well with natural environments and used to give character and charm to your house.

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Modern Roofing & Cladding

Zinc and copper for roofs and cladding are natural materials therefore blending well into the New Zealand surrounding. They are durable like lead, yet they don’t poison like a heavy metal. This is ideal for connecting a recycled water tank system to your roof commonly used for sustainable living practices. To keep your water recycling clean from leaves we use a gutter guard known as hedgehog. Copper and Zinc are non ferrous metals they won’t rust therefore they are ecologically more sustainable than other metals used for roofing.

A good roof prevents leaks and weather damage. Protecting your home as an investment. Most importantly make sure you have the right roofer, experienced, professional and reliable.

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